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How To Interrupt Your Training To Get Testimonials, And Use Those "Interruptions As Teaching Moments

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Bullet Points: Mini Sales Presentations That Create Interest And Invoke Action

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The "Slippery Slope" Principle

I've Got Talent, I've Got Ability, I know I Could Do A Lot Better Than I'm Doing Now... But I Just Don't Know How To Go About It

13 Questions You Ask Yourself (Consciously or Subconsciously) Before You Make Any Purchase

How Long Have You Been Around... And What Have You Done?

Are You Still Running Your Business Using What Worked 52 Years Ago?

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By now I'm sure you've noticed the title of the book... "You're Already A Consultant... But Are You Getting Paid For It?
Think about how many times you’ve been in a business... a retail store, a restaurant, a shop of some kind... and you’ve observed what’s going on in that business and said to yourself, “If I owned this business, I wouldn’t do what he’s doing, what she’s doing, or what they’re doing. If they would just do this, or this, or some other thing, they could make a lot more money. They’re leaving tons of money on the table.”

Try to give your "advice" to the business owner and they won't pay any attention to you. Why? Because they weren't looking for it.

But if they were to ask you (as a professional consultant) what they could do to increase the efficiency and profitability of their business and you gave them sound and readily-implementable ideas and strategies that could turn their business around, they would gladly pay you your asking price. This book tells you exactly how you can do that and turn your experience into a VERY lucrative income!

Here's What A Handful Of Our Clients Have To Say...

“Thank you Martin Howey. You are the one of the best strategic marketing advisers I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I worked with Martin as an protege in his Top Line Business Solutions Consulting Program, and he has engineered some of the best marketing strategies I have ever seen. And now I use them on a daily basis for my own consulting company and for my clients.

I have to say that I am a decent marketer after my 23 years being a marketing adviser and consultant. But as good as I am at marketing, I still have to say that Martin is better. He is one of the best marketing minds in today’s market.

Martin is a great marketing master.”

Jon R.

“Martin is a real class act. His knowledge and expertise in business and marketing are evident whenever you speak with him. 

His honest approach is a breath of fresh air in a world today where everything is all hype. 

I continue to be impressed with both Martin Howey and TopLine Business Solutions.

He and his team have helped me advance my business and become a better consultant and advisor!”

Dominic S.

“Martin has always given me the very best professional marketing ideas that can be implemented easily and affordably! 

EVERY single idea Martin has given me has made me a healthy profit!

PLUS, he is truly a warm, classy, stand up type gentleman that I am lucky to call a friend!”

Michael C.

“I decided on Topline and Martin after almost 6 months of research because Martin is the trainer of trainers in the consulting field. 

It has been years since training and I still think of the value the training has provided for me and my family. 

Martin, I owe you many thanks and want to let you know I’m still trying to use everything you taught me. 

My clients have made millions because of what you have passed on to me. Keep up the generous execution of your passion it is helping many more than you know!

Troy A.

“Working with Martin is a pleasure. His business consulting course equipped me with the skills I needed to analyze business performance, to spot areas that can be improved to add to the bottom line, and implement and maintain those improvements. 

TopLine’s material is comprehensive and Martin’s follow up mentoring and resource library builds confidence. 

From my personal experience I can confidently recommend TopLine.”

Dan E.

“I have completed a 4-day strategic business development workshop with Martin that delivered the most thorough, tightly focused, and insightful blueprints for performance in any economy. His content and strategies are timeless, and can be applied in any economy locally, nationally, or globally.

His industry insights and strategic discussions, provided me with actionable next steps to help and serve any business interested in applying new approaches to today’s challenges through the thoughtful and well considered methods and performance measures that he teaches.

You owe it to yourself to explore and connect with Martin’s expert training and his professional curriculum delivery. It is a pleasure to consider Martin a business associate and mentor. 

Miguel dJ

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